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Welcome to Havas Village Poland

    We are Havas

    Havas Village is a unique space. Consultants, strategists, media experts and creative talents work effectively together, under one roof, on the basis of a shared vision and strategic process.

    Havas is part of the global Vivendi conglomerate, which in Poland includes such companies as CANAL+, Universal Music Poland, and Gameloft. Unlike other agencies, our partners are not limited only to publishers or creative studios, but also include music labels, game producers, live event organisers, TV networks, film studios, and video distribution platforms. As the only such entity on the market, this unique structure allows us to propose a one-of-a-kind advertainment offer, based on communication strategies that make it possible to implement campaigns to establish new relationships between brands and consumers, and music and broadly understood entertainment.

    Our mission is to create communications, creative solutions, and media strategies based on the Meaningful Brands philosophy – providing consumers with real value and increasing their quality of life. We draw on the resources of the Vivendi Group, which allows us to offer our clients the most effective solutions at the interface between media, creation, entertainment, and music.

    Our team

    We bring together people with different talents, and draw our strength from this diversity. We are proud of our integration, especially nowadays, in an era in which the industry is becoming increasingly fragmented into different specialisations.


    Dorota Mazur

    Dorota Mazur

    CEO Havas Creative Network

    Małgorzata Węgierek

    Małgorzata Węgierek

    CEO Havas Media Network

    Meaningful Brands

    The world is constantly changing in real time, and these changes come faster and faster. Thus, creating effective communication strategies requires the constant assessment of such changes at all points of contact with the consumer. Meaningful Brands is a unique global survey that assesses the relationship between the quality of life of consumers, and the brand at the business level. This analytical initiative, involving 1.8 thousand international brands, 31 markets, 22 industries, and over 350,000 respondents, demonstrates that,


    of brands could disappear from the market without anyone noticing


    of consumers expect companies and brands to communicate openly and honestly about their commitments and promises


    of the content created by brands for their customers does not meet their expectations

    The survey clearly shows that the world of brands is still too far removed from the world of consumers, but also that people’s expectations of brands keep growing. This is why Havas’ communication strategies are created in such a way as to ensure that they are compliant with the Meaningful Brands philosophy. They are based on an innovative approach that allows the understanding that the value of a brand, and therefore its attractiveness to consumers, is defined by a combination of “functional”, “personal”, and “collective” benefits.

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