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Digital Competences


At Havas, we are constantly looking for technological solutions that optimise our clients’ return on investment.

We believe in the power of digital marketing that is precise and data-driven.

We are a reliable partner for even the most demanding e-commerce clients.

This is why we employ top digital market experts, who not only manage specialised teams, but also act as mentors for our clients.


At Havas Media Group, the DBI is a unit that combines two types of consulting services: in the field of marketing technology, and data strategy. It helps our clients manage the data they have obtain from various sources, divide it into segments, and use it in their media campaigns and re-marketing efforts. The DBI analyses website traffic, helps to optimise on-line sites and platforms, and determines the factors that influence on-line sales and optimise the user's customer journey. It also provides information on data usage trends and technological news.

At Havas Media Group, the DBI advises the largest marketers in the field of data-driven marketing campaigns, for companies such as: Canal+, PKO BP, LOT Polish Airlines, Hyundai, Dr Oetker, and many others.


Ecselis is a team of digital professionals focused on driving ROI growth. This digital agency employs DIMAQ-certified experts who specialise in performance marketing and affiliation, SEM, SEO, e-commerce, and marketing automation. It regularly uses and develops proprietary tools, and combines media purchases with innovative technology platforms.

It also analyses campaign traffic, the strength of creative concepts, LP potential, and website processes. SEO specialists ensure website visibility, conduct technology audits, optimise content, and ensure effective link building.

The digital marketing expertise of ECSELIS’ specialists is confirmed by their Google, Facebook, and Adform certificates. In addition to the standard set of marketing tools, we also implement campaigns on Allegro and Amazon, although the latter is still absent from the Polish market.

Ecselis is an experienced digital agency, a business partner of such companies as PKO BP and LOT Polish Airlines (40 markets globally). Its client portfolio – containing over 50 enterprises – covers a broad set of categories: automotive industry, e-commerce, FMCG, TV and entertainment, B2B, clothing, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


Programmatic Hub, at Havas Media Group, consists of a team of precision marketing specialists who work with data and advanced technological solutions. The team supports clients in making effective purchases for digital media campaigns (display, video, search, and paid social).

Thanks to their use of algorithms and machine learning, as well as data combinations, cross-device mechanisms, and the best solutions employed within DSP platforms, Programmatic Hub specialists are able to offer solutions that meet the individual needs of a wide range of clients.

Such tools as Meta-DSP, Curated Kiosk, and Meta Quality Barometer are used to conduct on-line activities within the main areas of precision marketing, such as:

  • Programmatic
  • Paid Social (Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter)
  • SEM

Programmatic Hub provides services for over 30 clients, including: Kia Motors, Canal+, PKO BP, LOT Polish Airlines (PLL LOT), and Dr Oetker.


A great rise of LOT

The strategy of the campaign assumed strengthening and increasing the share of online sales of within 5 years. The main aim was to deliver to selected segments of users content that will be useful on each step of customer journey. A very precise communication cycle has been created in the digital ecosystem, ranging from inspiration (acquisition of high quality traffic) through interest (retargeting with specified offers), to closing sales. As a result of these activities, the share of online channels in sales increased, which lowered the costs of ticket distribution and sale.


Cashless Poland

In 2018, the foundation “Polska Bezgotówkowa” carried out a program to popularize non-cash payments in Poland, in which they offered a free terminal for the first year. The task of eService, which is a member of the foundation, was to break through with communication over partners with high brand awareness and effectively sell terminals in order to dominate SOM within the group. The strategy was focused on building awareness and controlling the level of conversion generated in digital. The planning team worked on two econometric models, on the basis of which changes in the action strategy were decided. The TV campaign was preceded by 4 months of digital activities in order to prepare the ground for the TV part of the campaign. As a result, eService became the sales leader among all participants of the Polska Bezgotówkowa program.

PKO Bank Polski

Account for the Young

The campaign was carried out in digital channels together with the Comperia– the most popular financial comparison website in Poland. The main goal was to sell bank accounts to young people. One of the most effective channels was - a special program designed for individual customers who can recommend products online and receive remuneration for the recommendation. As a result of the activities carried out, KPIs were achieved in just two weeks.

Our clients

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