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FullSix is the third media agency in the Havas Media Group, operating alongside Havas Media and Arena. Its creation was a consequence of HMG’s acquisition, in 2016, of the FullSix Group, a modern digital agency based in Paris first founded in 1998. The company employs several hundred people in its offices located in various countries across the globe, including the UK, the USA, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

FullSix focuses foremost on technology and data in both its operations and offer. Our Data Business Intelligence department, which employs top specialists in web analytics, econometrics and attribution, provides inspiring and comprehensive insights into consumer behaviour. They help us to create effective communication strategies, optimise reach channels, and determine the best contexts for creative concepts and advertising content created within Havas in Poland.

The FullSix media agency has always stood out because of its creative approach to solutions and perfect mastery of performance-based and precision marketing tools.

We are supported by the purchasing power and vast negotiating experience of the Havas Media Group.

Although we have not been operating in Poland long , we have already won several Effie and Mixx awards.


#FlightHome (#LOTdoDomu) campaign

The aim of this display campaign was to inform the target group about the spectacular and important #FlightHome campaign, during which LOT Polish Airlines, in just 3 weeks, organised almost 400 flights from over 71 locations on six continents, to bring Polish citizens home. It was one of the most complex air operations in the 100-year history of Polish civil aviation. The campaign made use of the reach of various news portals, as well as regional and local media leaders. Content-related activities were supported by the display campaign, highlighting the number of Poles who managed to return home, and offering daily updates. Over 14 million user contacts were achieved in the short 3 day period.


Grab life by the horns

The bank introduced a new communication platform inspired by real people who have ambitious and bold plans, and who have decided to ‘grab life by the horns’. The spot was shot during the world's first ski descent from K2, which was achieved by Andrzej Bargiel, a Polish ski-mountaineer. The aim of the campaign was to create a new image for the bank and promote its “Konto Przekorzystne” (Very Beneficial Account) bank account, which offers an attractive interest rate. As a result of the campaign, the bank managed to noticeably strengthen its image indicators in comparison with its competition and also noted a significant increase in brand consideration indicators.

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