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24 years together24 years together
24 years together


There are many things we can be proud of, chief among them is our 24-year-long cooperation with Auchan. The experience we have gained over the years has allowed us to establish a team that understands the requirements of such large chains and to create the tools that meet their needs. Our responsibilities include service, strategy, creation, and production. In the course of our cooperation, we have developed many methods and tools for streaming our work: a tool for effectively improving and accepting creations, a DTP studio that works in shifts, an in-house photo studio, and many other useful innovations.

It’s cool, feel it, and let AKUKU! surprise you
It’s cool, feel it, and let AKUKU! surprise you


There are two types of things in this world – those we buy after careful deliberation and those we simply fall in love with. AKUKU! jelly beans win hearts and palates because of their cool, delicious, and surprising character. You don't have to understand what exactly makes them so great, you just have to let yourself feel it. For this brand, we have prepared and implemented a creative concept aimed at younger customers.

Our sweet secret
Our sweet secret

Cukier Królewski

We’ve been working with Cukier Królewski for many years. Over time we have become so well-versed in the specific nature of this difficult market that we were able to create an effective and comprehensive system, the details of which remain our secret. We are responsible for strategy, creation, production, supervision, and all 360-degree activities – from ATL campaigns through to digital activities. Still, our main goal is to remain close to the consumer and to the shelves. We prepare activations focused on store chains, thematic campaigns, sales promotions, etc. – all of which are very important within this category.

Every sip is a new journey
Every sip is a new journey

Żołądkowa Kolonialna

Żołądkowa Kolonialna is the most exotic vodka on the Polish market, for which we have prepared both a strategy and creation. The exotic flavours and aromas trapped within each bottle turn every sip into a new journey. As the product was forgotten by customers, we have presented its story anew, with a fresh twist.

Good fun
Good fun


We have been accompanying Nescafe to the biggest Polish festivals for many years. We meet the expectations of our consumers, and we are there for them when they need us: at the Warsaw Orange Festival, the Open’er Festival, the Kraków Live Festival, the Audioriver Festival, and Warsaw Comic Con. Coffee and good fun go well together, and we help to keep them close. We are responsible for concept, implementation, and supervision.

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