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Havas Media is a media agency that enjoys a very high level of trust, which has been repeatedly confirmed in regular customer satisfaction surveys.

At Havas Media, we combine advanced media knowledge with the practical utilisation of technology and data to manage communication for our clients’ brands and products.

Our work principles and methods are driven by the belief that all brands should be meaningful for consumers and appear in contexts that are conducive not only to sales, but also to image building (this is our ‘Meaningful Brands’ philosophy). We define the optimal context in real time with the help of our experienced strategists and Data Business Intelligence department – real specialists in data strategy – which translates directly into our ability to optimise ROAS.

The best HAVAS specialists from around the world have joined forces to create our proprietary ‘Media Experience (Mx)’ methodology, which boosts the effectiveness and reach of brand- and product-related advertising messages.

Nowadays, all businesses are made or broken, primarily, on the basis of their understanding of the potential of the Internet and new technologies, as well as their ability to collect and analyse on-line data and use it effectively to reach customers. The Havas Media agency employs the best experts in new technologies and digital media, true on-line enthusiasts specialising in, for example, web analytics, search, and precision marketing. All of our specialists – from the dynamically growing Data Business Intelligence department; through the Programmatic Hub, which specialises in programmatic buying, and the affiliate and performance marketing experts at Ecselis; to Socialyse, our game and content marketing division – combine their competences to offer our customers the most effective digital communication strategies.

The agency also includes LuxHub, a team of experts who specialise in 360° communication for premium-sector brands.

Our autonomous Havas Intelligence research department allows us to track and analyse changes in consumer habits and priorities, and use these insights in developing effective strategies that drive consumer engagement.

Havas Media agency has won a number of business and industry awards and distinctions, including: Effie Awards, MIXX Awards, Innovation Awards, and the Forbes Diamond award.

Our leaders and experts are often invited to be jurors in Polish and international competitions (e.g. Effie Awards Europe, Mixx Awards), take part in creating good industry practices, and actively participate in shaping new market standards (e.g. the Marketing Communication White Book by the Polish Advertising Agencies Association (SAR), or the Polish Charter of Child Protection in Advertising). In addition, they share their expertise at the most important conferences, which are devoted to new trends and communication in marketing (including Havas Group Conference, IAB Forum, Business Insider Trends Festival, and the 1st B Corp Summit).

Our media agency is also the proud holder of many prestigious certificates from such key partners as: Google, Facebook, Adform, and IAB Poland, the last of which awarded Havas specialists with DIMAQ certificates.


Furiously Fast. Premier League – Canal+ Sport

The marketing campaign for Canal+ used the channel's well-known sports commentators and the recognisability of O.S.T.R., a famous rapper, to make Canal+ stand out among its competitors in the crowded sports channel market. The aim of the campaign was to strengthen the public awareness of the Premier League as the league with the most dynamic events, with running commentary delivered by experts in real time. It was carried out on video channels, social media, and through SEM, achieving very good results in terms of measurable media indicators.



An animated music video for children with Fruittella branding was created as part of a campaign promoting Fruittella candy. The background animation was simple and employed 2D techniques, while the main characters, representing Fruittella flavours, were depicted as 3D cubes with human features. The Fruittella music video was, itself, promoted with a 15-second on-line advertising spot. YouTube was the only partner in the campaign, as communication was focused on YT channels with children-themed or children-targeted content. Over 2 million complete video views were generated during the first 12 weeks of Fruittella’s presence on YouTube. By the end of the campaign, the Fruittella YT channel, with only one song, had acquired 3.6 thousand subscribers. The project gained many fans.


‘Iconic’ campaign

This campaign focused on making drivers, parents, and children more aware of the importance of road safety in areas located near educational institutions. The campaign, whose hashtag-based slogan focused on ‘reaching school safely’ (#bezpieczniedoszkoly), employed a wide range of media channels, including radio, digital, OOH, DOOH, as well as a number of events organised in urban spaces and near schools. All these activities made it possible to achieve broad customer reach in places frequented by car users and parents with their children. The positive effects remained noticeable for many months and included not only newly published reports mentioning Michelin brand, but also smiling children wearing Michelin-branded reflective elements on their way to school.

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