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Connecting Brands to Consumer Passions

Havas Play is a global agency network that is part of the Vivendi group.


It offers clients unique and best-in-class designs that connect brands with consumers' passions.

Havas Play integrates the agency's competencies in the area of media, music, sports, technology, games, broadly understood entertainment, and data analytics, using a wide range of marketing communication channels. Thus, it guarantees a mix of effective strategies, ideas, creativity, production, project management, and distribution to strengthen the brand's experience with the consumer in the spirit of the Meaningful Brands philosophy.

A distinctive element of the offer is the proprietary Havas Play Measurement methodology, based on a set of tools and Media Experience (Mx) indicators, thanks to which it enables the measurement of brand activation and its impact on efficiency and return on investment.

What distinguishes us on the market?

  • Deep understanding of brands thanks to the Meaningful Brands methodology

  • Proprietary Havas Play Measurement methodology

  • Utilization of Vivendi group's unique resources in the area of media, entertainment and music

Havas Play works for over 30 clients, including Chupa Chups, Mentos, Asus, Hyundai and LVMH.

See here: https://www.havasplay.com/


Asus EscapeRoom

How do you become well-known and reach journalists, technology-focused publications, and also the start-up community? By adopting a non-standard approach to the company’s presence at the largest conference on trends in technology, marketing, and business in Poland. We have reached over 1 million users (earned reach) in 2 days on social media by connecting the off-line and on-line worlds – Asus had the highest number of mentions among all the exhibitors at the conference.


#NewDouglas in social media

How can you use the redesign of the brand’s presence in social media to influence its broadly-understood image and perception, while, at the same time, positively affect sales and respond to the needs of customers? The #NewDouglas campaign involves a huge amount of daily work, but also tens of thousands of monthly purchases through the company's social media channels.

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